Intelligent lock spring has come, you ready?

by:Level      2020-08-04
Recently one channel of finance and economics focus on the intelligent lock market, with objective analysis of the current situation of intelligent lock market point of view, and the great scale to be reckoned with in the future. Let all intelligent lock industry that, to the future full of confidence to the industry! ❶ smart door lock installed quantity sharp growth, more than sixty percent of users consider buying as entry level industry of intelligent household, intelligent locks ushered in a new round of explosion, installations or number of brands, are rising sharply. '66% of users surveyed said they will consider buying in the future the fingerprint lock, among them, the' convenient, need not take the key 'is the main reason. 'In the past two years, the development of intelligence door lock industry into the fast lane, more and more complex in floor, the smart door lock as one of the standard. So far, the smart door lock industry in our country there are more than 1300 production enterprises, nearly 2800 brands. Here including traditional door lock manufacturers, traditional security field manufacturers, home appliance manufacturers, Internet companies. ❷ cost reduction, dig data, smart door locks the apartment projects popular with intelligent household gradually favored by the consumer market, and in the last two years of growing apartment on the market, the smart lock's advantages are more obvious. Intelligent lock for apartment management bring great convenience. From stewards apartment tenants start seeing a door, intelligent locks distributed dynamic password within the effective period of time, for avoiding the key and a series of problems. After the tenant occupancy, also can through intelligent lock to supervise and control the tenants. After the tenant vacating, can be set through the system, and to remove a tenant on password, without having to replace the door lock, save time and effort. The consumer market, of course, also on the rise. This smart locks a east online mall order amount more than $5 billion. In the large category, domestic outfit building materials sales intelligence door lock is the first item. Intelligent lock class turnover is 12 times in the same period last year. ❸ smart door lock market chaos, industry standard to be a little black box incident caused much discussion in society. Sources told reporters that the little black box lock event does exist, but far from web travels so exaggerated, many domestic manufacturers actually have done very well. With a wave of the development of domestic mobile phone, at present, the development of the intelligent door locks are in fierce competition, the stage, on the market, smart door locks offer from hundreds of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, the material is different from the plastic to metal. Some companies do not have research and development ability, in order to reduce cost, at the expense of the security of the products. Perfect industry standards to be issued. Huge market space ❹ smart door lock installation services or into a competitive focus in addition to the security, smart home still faces many challenges in installation services, etc. Relevant data show that China's intelligent lock market sales in 2016 to 3. 5 million, 8 million, 2017, is expected in the future, smart door lock industry in China will continue to high growth in the growth rate of 50%. Aggregate demand will be more than 30 million sets, industry output value will exceed 100 billion yuan. Now the market is generally believed that smart door lock industry concentration degree is generally lower, leading brand haven't appeared yet. But the future smart door lock the focus of competition, will focus on the installation and after-sales service. At present, smart door lock installation costs in 200 ~ 300 yuan/about. In addition, the late maintenance costs are relatively high. If there is no complete after-sales service, will soon face out fate. To sum up, the development of current intelligent lock market has come, spring is the spring breeze bath, against the tuyere, enjoy bonuses. At the same time, leading enterprises to their own professional research and development of technology, the installation of high quality, complete after-sales service channels, mutual help intelligent lock industry rise. Which in view of the industry standard, of course, also need to be introduced, to further promote the development of the industry.
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