Intelligent lock system possesses the advantages of what are the main hotel

by:Level      2020-08-06

under the influence of the new champions league virus outbreak, many industry on the mainland has been hit, the rapid spread of the virus has prompted the government introduced a series of the rules of the travel restrictions, for highly depend on the population flow of tourist hotel industry also suffered a hit. So many hotels use this man-made long off-season, began the renovation of the hotel internal work, and many hotels is important to hotel lock.com/products' target='_blank'>intelligent lock system upgrade direction. So get a lot of user value hotel intelligent lock system what are the main advantages?

1, the advantages of fast response

hotel door lock usually need to residents of convenience into consideration, the traditional locks are mostly use key or card for guest room door open, but keys and swipe CARDS on the one hand, saved enough, convenient and also when open the response speed of access to guest satisfaction. And a variety of types of optional hotel intelligent lock system used in the products of high technology such as face recognition, the fingerprint is not only very convenient when using response speed is very fast at the same time, this is the hotel one of the main advantages of intelligent lock system.

2, security, the advantages of stronger

is often the case in the hotel industry need to ensure the safety of the residents during the period of accommodation and items, and guest room door lock is often bear the more important to prevent the important role of guest items stolen. Hotel in the use of the intelligent lock system, not only all the door open on the server record, at the same time the hotel intelligent lock system of form a complete set of cameras can clearly identify the lock and residents, the difference between in be used actually to ensure that residents belongings with better security. Three, management more convenient

the advantages of the traditional hotel industry due to the guest room keys and swipe CARDS need to be focused on keeping, so usually greater pressure to bring to the hotel staff. The hotel intelligent lock system after-sales guaranteed products without the use of any hardware lock device, all operations are concentrated in the phone APP, server management can not only be clear at a glance, but also reduces the residents lost keys or magnetic card.

at present many large hotel chains are basically equipped with hotel intelligent lock system, and this kind of super practical products for hotel management also has brought great convenience. Hotel intelligent lock system not only has the ultra fast response speed, at the same time it also can provide better security for the hotel guest belongings, moreover this kind of intelligent lock system in the background of management is also more convenient.

At the same time, as the recent research of Level shows, the benefits of improved productivity and firm performance can make implementing basic management practices worth it.
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