Intelligent lock these misconceptions you know?

by:Level      2020-08-06
Is it convenient for smart door lock? Smart door lock safe? What kind of smart locks should buy? When purchasing an intelligent lock, must avoid the following error! Foreign brands are better than soil brand can not deny the fact that foreign brands in the history of intelligent locks products more, experience more. However, foreign brands of products has always been designed for the customer, it is often difficult to meet local consumer groups 'national conditions'. Old young combination is in our country, for example, most of the members of the family structure, foreign brand product design most never consider it, only has to adapt to the young and middle-aged group lock mode, the elderly and children at home in the face of new unlock method often confused about what to do. The intelligence of the inconvenient situation, may be exist in false and inferior product, can give consumers the misreading. Many consumers for smart locks still stay in often cannot identify fingerprint lock lock, frequent induced error of induction, as a matter of fact, intelligent locks have been developed to a new level. Smart locks are expensive luxury is also a misunderstanding. Some on market prices artificially high intelligent lock products, and consumers know about intelligent lock market have been inadequate, led to many consumers still think smart locks belong to high-end consumer goods, is by no means so. After several rounds of adjustment, the intelligent lock market has gradually implement some industry standards. When the choose and buy, consumer can avoid the inflated price of fingerprint lock, induction lock, to avoid all kinds of luxury concept packaging product, select a new generation of intelligent lock products more 'tall' design more dignified impolitely, said domestic intelligence door lock on the appearance design is still in the poor state of aesthetics. In the current smart door lock homogeneity serious conditions, some manufacturers hope to make up for the function in the appearance of mediocrity, best of the costly and complex capabilities. On the one hand, the appearance of the cumbersome design reduce itself into the performance and quality; On the other hand, even if just for appearance itself, aesthetic level and it is worthy of concern. Smart door locks are installed in different external wall, door, such as environment, different style and temperament are need to be fully considered. Due to cost considerations, some locks on the appearance of low input but hoped 'tall' returns, in exchange for more design is neither fish nor fowl. The so-called design, on the lock, should with 'contracted', 'joker' as the standard. The more the better function a good smart lock the stand or fall of thought should he shut. Key functions, depending on the user's actual experience. Functions, more product fault, performance instability, uncertainty is high, the more the user experience must not. Numerous useless function design, besides playing in sales gimmick, and only consumes the user in the final sales the result of the patient.
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