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by:Level      2020-07-02
With the progress of society, science and technology, culture, the security of the mechanical lock has more and more cannot satisfy the needs of the people, intelligent lock arises at the historic moment. It is higher than the traditional mechanical lock security, has more advantages. Is the so-called smart locks, electronic technology, integrated circuit design, a large number of electronic components, combined with a variety of innovative recognition technology and other integrated products. Down and let's discuss the three advantages of intelligent lock to some extent, the strength of the safety measures are related to the identity, status, electronic smart lock as a new generation of identification technology advantage more and more obvious, will gradually replace the mechanical lock lock industry's new drama. The advantage of smart locks a: stability design. Usually there are three main factors which influence the stability of electronic lock, including: 1. The lock core structure and the stability and reliability of the structure of the clutch; 2. Stability and reliability, the status of the motor of the standard is to see whether the carbon brush type use special motor; 3. Logic circuit part of the stability and anti-jamming, of the standard is to see whether there is a protection circuit design, etc. Intelligent lock the advantages of the two: maintainability of the use of new materials: if the fingerprint lock good maintainability, easy maintenance, can use rapid repair of low cost, can make the fingerprint intelligent lock parts often in good technical condition, once failed, due to low cost rapid repair, without a new replacement or new intelligent fingerprint lock, this is actually to extend the service life of the intelligent fingerprint lock. In addition, in the design of intelligent lock, selected according to fingerprint intelligent lock performance standards and requirements that meet the needs of the new material, is also a good way to lengthen the service life of the intelligent fingerprint lock, such as lock body shell is made of alloy material and after treated nano fingerprint smart locks, total than plastic lock body is durable and easy to maintenance. The safety of smart home security system is very important. In addition, in different parts of the environmental factors can also affect the service life of intelligent fingerprint lock, such as temperature and humidity, air pressure, pollution and the influence of factors such as sunlight, rain and snow is very big also. When buying fingerprint smart locks and should not be ignored the environmental factor, of their own should choose qualified fingerprint smart locks, many vendors show that their products are resistant to bad environment, but compare, after the test can know the advantage of smart locks. Advantages of intelligent lock 3: maintenance work is an important link in extending the service life of the intelligent fingerprint lock, adopt reasonable repair methods can effectively extend the service life of intelligent fingerprint lock. Must do a good job of the daily maintenance of fingerprint intelligent lock, the technology of fingerprint intelligent lock in good condition; To correct operation and use of the fingerprint smart locks, to reduce and prevent human error caused the fingerprint intelligent lock failure. To do right regular and not regular maintenance reasonably, keep the fingerprint intelligent lock clean, clean, regular check intelligent fingerprint lock state of technology, processing, if it is abnormal for loosening and dysfunctional parts tighten and adjust in time, for some parts for preventive replacement. History has confirmed that the emergence of every new technology will bring great wealth. History also confirmed that the market of high-tech products in the fight, only those technologies and brands are leading enterprises can laughs. Intelligent lock to replace mechanical lock is the trend of intelligent lock is refers to the difference between the traditional mechanical lock, in the aspect of user identification, security, manageability more intelligent locks. Door lock the door when you leave the execution of the components in the system. With the progress of society, science and technology, culture, the security of the mechanical lock has more and more cannot satisfy the needs of the people, slowly out of the our field of vision. It is understood that in the field of security technology to guard against, intelligent locks with anti-theft alarm functions instead of traditional mechanical combination lock, overcoming the mechanical combination lock password quantity is little, the shortcomings of poor safety performance, make the combination lock both in technology and step in performance are improved greatly. With the development of large scale integrated circuit technology, especially the single chip microcomputer, appeared with the intelligent combination of the microprocessor, it besides has the function of electronic combination lock, also introduced the intelligent management and analysis system, and other functions, so that the combination lock of high security, reliability, and increasingly widely used.
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