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by:Level      2020-07-02
Offline do smart locks, can not only keep the shops such as customer, still need to take the initiative to go to look for opportunities, one of which is to promote effective ways. But not all communities can do promotion, should be selective and purpose. Let's look at how to choose. 1. Property supports a number of community property is not allowed in advertising promotion, so need to investigate before making to promote good, or to communicate with property is good, what time to do the promotion, make an appointment in advance. 2. Purchase ability and inclination to smart locks in the price of basic in one thousand yuan of above, compared with mechanical lock, the price is on the high side, so, should choose to have stronger buying ability of the high-end residential area, and the residents of the understanding and cognition of higher intelligent lock brand, easy to accept, high conversion rates. 3. Enter a number of old residential area who enter a number of old residential area, security is not so perfect, even no property, and monitoring, entrance guard, etc. If the installation of intelligent locks, can greatly improve the safety, the obvious advantage, at the same time, these old district residents basic no mortgage stress, its consumption ability is guaranteed.
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