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by:Level      2020-07-02
Intelligent lock which brand is good? How should choose? This problem should be most consumers now have a headache. Although smart locks in domestic has ten years of history, but intelligent locks are widely accepted by people in recent years. A lot of brands online intelligent lock, and a treasure to a cat from several hundred to several thousand, the prices on the list of situation to let everyone do not know how to start, small make up today to talk about how to choose from the following intelligent lock. 1, in addition to sensitive intelligence door lock to lock the door or electronic products, intelligent lock test stand or fall of an important standard is to see the sensitivity of intelligent lock, fingerprint identification of speed, sensitivity, magnetic card identification password button to open the door of the speed and so on. Sensitivity on the one hand, on behalf of the technological content of the brand smart locks, on the other hand also on behalf of the stand or fall of material. 2 the material of lock body, lock body mass market roughly divided into stainless steel, zinc alloy and aluminum alloy, the three; The characteristics of stainless steel durable, won't appear aging rust, and the price is relatively cheap compared with zinc alloy and aluminum alloy; Aluminum alloy are the advantages and disadvantages of obvious advantages, is easy to stain modelling, relatively much more fashionable modelling, the downside is that aluminum alloy is not strong and durable, collision will appear scratches and slightly concave; Zinc alloy is a complex of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, is now use more material, more strong modelling diversity, but the price is expensive. Mainstream smart locks are commonly use zinc alloy lock body mass. 3, see the lock lock is generally divided into A, B, C three kinds of lock, we can see from this picture, the higher the level of security, the better the performance of guard against theft, choosing A smart locks will select lock level is high.
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