Intelligent lock while cooperate with smart home fashion trend, but also will anti-theft security level rose to a new level of | |

by:Level      2020-07-02
At home, intelligent household concept is still in its import the mid-late stage, most people choose smart home value and practical value. As a leading brand of intelligent lock survey found: anti-theft security, entertainment, leisure and convenient intelligent household products, the market. “ All safety & throughout; Common saying is people often say, people in choosing a smart home, safety and security is still the first thing to solve the problem. Now, with safety, convenience, advanced technology of intelligent locks, while cooperate with smart home fashion trend, but also will anti-theft security level rose to a new level. Countries began in the hotel smart locks, use smart locks will not be able to participate in the acceptance, not star rating. As a result, most of us begin to come into contact with the hotel door lock may be in the hotel. From the point of the current Chinese market, the customer base for the most part of intelligent lock is only focused on the group of users, from the beginning of the hotel to the current real estate, villas, institutions, enterprises and so on, common home users share is still very low. According to statistics, Japan and South Korea intelligent lock takes up more than 70% of the country's civil lock market, apartment intelligence lock utilization rate is as high as 90%, South Korea, Europe and the United States intelligence lock lock also accounted for civil 50% of the market, China's smart lock lock has accounted for the lock is less than 2% of the market. So, the intelligent lock market in China also has the very big development space.
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