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by:Level      2020-07-02
Locks from the neolithic age in China took shape, after bone lock, wooden lock immature stage, to the han dynasty for the development of metal locks, lock is reed structure. The peak of the Ming and qing dynasties era is the ancient lock is given priority to with copper and iron. In the 1950 s, low welding hook lock, Ye Piansuo, night lock into our market in succession, replace the ancient Chinese traditional lock into the mainstream. Into the 21st century China's use of the locks also experienced from combination lock to the replacement of induction lock, for the development of current popular intelligent lock ( Also known as the fingerprint lock) 。 An emerging things can replace things become mainstream not just because of the novel and the novel, but also because the factors of keeping the pace with The Times. We from the modern people's life to analysis, the conclusion will be more clear. In guangzhou as an example, by the end of 16 years, guangzhou resident population of 16 million, the registered floating population of 7. 9 million, 49% of guangzhou, the number of the population of permanent residents. To consider from the Angle of household security, guangzhou area, the demand for intelligent lock is very large. The demand for smart locks, only consider the migrant population is also a very large market. From another perspective, the temporary secret key of intelligent lock function in modern society is also very practical. Abroad, many property is already in use intelligence share key lock function. The landlord will lock password Shared with tenants, when the lease expires, the password will be invalid, whether long-term or short-term tenant, this way is more safe, the landlord don't even need to meet with tenants could do. When you are busy at work, just to visit parents, or housekeeping to come clean. As long as share a temporary password, you can through the one-time password to enter your house. Or perhaps you need to do a small party, can be a temporary password sent to invite the guests. So smart locks in the generalization of modern life, is for the user to intelligent lock practical considerations, intelligent lock can effectively avoid the forgot to take my life in the keys and the guest cannot enter an awkward question. Conform to the life pursuit of modern intelligent, convenient and fashionable.
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