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by:Level      2020-07-02
Intelligent security lock? Many people who did not come in contact with intelligent lock with such a question. Below small make up to distinguish from the aspects of fingerprint identification with intelligent lock really safe. 1. Fingerprint recognition now face the market mainstream of fingerprint identification has two kinds: one kind is optical fingerprint head, the other is a kind of semiconductor fingerprint. Two different fingerprint head all each have each characteristic. Each have each advantage; Optical fingerprint head: semiconductor fingerprint read head to speed, not distinguish between the fingers, this a lot better than optical fingerprint, but do not touch. The disadvantage is that surface destruction resistant ability is worse than optical, anti-jamming capability is relatively weak some of static electricity. Semiconductor fingerprint head: advantages: semiconductor fingerprint identification module can live fingerprint identification, high security, high sensitivity and accuracy. Disadvantages: semiconductor fingerprint identification module cost is a bit high, fingerprint identification module is not easy to maintain. Another point is intelligent fingerprint lock, there are two important parameters; One is rejected boomed, one is to recognize the false rate; Intelligent lock boomed from is < 0. 1%, the recognition rate of false < 0. 0001%; Can say not already recorded in the fingerprints of other fingerprint don't open the door.
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