'Internet + age' smart locks will forward innovation new steps

by:Level      2020-08-01
In 2015, the Internet age, the future smart door lock is not only a product of market competition, also is the competition of the whole system. For innovation, not just the product innovation, but also the whole marketing system innovation. Therefore, smart door lock door industry boundaries by monotonous mode, into a lot of new thinking, new style, cross-border innovation will become the industry the new normal. For growing smart door locks, small and medium enterprises, imitation is a shortcut to success. Therefore, in the process of the development of the past, not only is the smart door lock industry, the development of China's enterprises manufacturing many logic is that as long as imitate rivals, adhere to the following run, don't have to spend big strength self innovation. But imitation cannot become the main space of enterprise survival, with the disappearance of the pollution in the development of the dividend and labor dividends, follow and imitate the profit market space is becoming more and more narrow. 'Some small and medium-sized enterprises such as do not change today, probably doesn't even have the chance of survival. 'The personage inside course of study points out, the enterprise only through the original design innovation, is to pass in the future. Imitator can not have a complete business concept, or a complete design concept, the surface of the hard copy and the original will still exist between the distance, the distance is the value of the product innovation. For a long time, many intelligent locks enterprises to launch new products, more is keen on the surface of the new change, for the enterprise, innovation must break through their own borders, only no boundary of the enterprise, the scale of the future development will be greater. In short, with changing market demand, intelligent technology companies will pay attention to market demand, after all meet the needs of the consumers, enterprise can get better development. And consumers increasingly personalized, also propel innovation group in the original design.
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