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by:Level      2020-07-19
Lock, is indispensable in our daily life, it is our way to protect the safety of their property and defence. There are many kinds of lock, now with more intelligence door lock, so today we talk about intelligence door lock when we use must undertake corresponding protection according to usage, now know some smart door lock maintenance knowledge is particularly important. A: close the door, to lock the indentation and then close the door, to avoid collision locks a serious influence the life of the lock body. 2: if, after fingerprint readers have moisture or dirt gently with a dry soft cloth to wipe, pay attention to avoid scratches, impact the fingerprint acquisition. Three: locks try not to hang a particularly heavy items, after a long time will affect the handle life. 4: when the mechanical key use is not smooth, can be in the locking slot into a few graphite powder or pencil powder normal to ensure that the key to open the door. Smart door lock maintenance lies in the daily life of dribs and drabs, these methods may not be able to deal with all problems, but do you can better protect our home smart door locks, line of defense to protect the safety of our family, too. In addition, in a good smart door lock is very be necessary! Smart door lock safe convenient, beautiful fashion, worthy of your choice and trust!
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