It is necessary to install the fingerprint combination lock ordinary family?

by:Level      2020-07-20
Fingerprint combination lock, give people the convenience of life, don't take the key out, more don't have to worry about other people's key will open the door to your home! Reflect life grade, and high security, fingerprint technology is hard to be copied and model. Fingerprint combination lock is widely used at present, many domestic high-grade residential are standard fingerprint combination lock, and use effect is very good. Weakness is more expensive than ordinary locks, each year to replace the battery on a regular basis. Someone will ask ordinary families it is necessary to install the fingerprint combination lock? Today with the small make up together to get to know. For that matter, basically be to see families and you lock in the area of security is good; Because of the mechanical lock to now on the market for basically the thief can opening the door for a few seconds, and in the fingerprint combination lock after because now standard with lock is super class B or class C, even technical opening is not so easy to open. In ordinary families install the fingerprint combination lock usually encountered the following problem: why do we put a mechanical lock and fingerprint combination lock don't contain? Now the price of one main reason is that the fingerprint combination lock relative to the mechanical lock, and the other issues include their old change door lock installed on, another old man can use fingerprint combination lock is home. Install the fingerprint combination advantage? Combination lock installed fingerprint mainly the advantage of safety, convenience, combination lock on the world most fingerprint recognition rate is pretty good, and we will not be put our fingers forget to take it. Fingerprint combination lock is safer than mechanical lock design, some people say fear of fingerprint quilt cover mould, the problem is you die also want to go ah. Now many of the fingerprint combination lock is semiconductor fingerprint head, not epidermis is the dermis layer identification, false finger can't open the door. Don't have electricity? People worry that the fingerprint combination lock and an important question, is without power to do, kiss, combination of fingerprint used commonly 4 to 8 batteries, also has a lithium battery, normal use can have 365 days of power; Besides, when no electricity now have a humanized design of low power to remind function, normal fingerprint combination lock also provisions of the state of emergency power supply must have a hole. The elderly and children with fingerprint combination lock will not open the door? Many clients worry about home and children with fingerprint combination lock, the old man would open the door, this completely don't have to worry about, because the fingerprints are consistent, since the childhood so appear this kind of circumstance of the probability is very low. Often labor people, of course, the fingerprint will be fuzzy, but 90% of manufacturers are on the market for this kind of situation, a password keyboard and charge function. Overall, the ordinary families with fingerprint combination lock is the trend of The Times. Because he is more safe, more convenient, more human nature, the old man little Gai are applicable.
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