It is time to install the smart lock

by:Level      2020-08-04
And in today's rapid development of science and technology, gradually improve the living standards of s, you can at will? Believe that more than 80% of people choose not to do, be sure to his own life. Everything become smart. So let intelligence becomes a part of life has become the main part in modern life. But, to protect the safety of family and property security doors and locks, still make do with what the cold 'ironkey - — Traditional locks. In the era of intelligence, your life will no longer, how can you still make do with those cold 'ironkey? It's time to change a smart lock. Today, small make up to tell you why no longer will use traditional locks. ❶ security requirements and cannot be used on traditional locks why burglary prohibition always? The main sticking point is that quality is uneven, the locks prevent technical opening and prevent violence open ability is too weak, don't the thief. In addition to the lock but the commissioner of quality, there is another reason is that more than 90% of the families still use traditional Chinese locks. The shortage of the traditional lock is that opening, easy to give the thief a lot of convenience. Intelligent lock, therefore, no matter from which Angle are safer than traditional locks, because smart lock using biometric technologies such as fingerprint, face, iris and password, mobile phones, such as open means, has no copy, and the key to the traditional lock is difficult to do this, so smart lock safer. Against violence, at the same time, the intelligent lock and technical opening alarm and remote monitoring function, the thief could not close to, so security is definitely higher than traditional locks. Therefore, installation and buy locks can't do, be sure to install a smart lock to prevent burglary cases from the source to happen again. ❷ convenient demand, from then on don't have to worry about forgot to take my keys recently, a man with no key on home drunk to find, is his head into the enclosure of the hollow out shout family open the door, unexpectedly head into go stuck, because I couldn't get through his family telephone, man call fire, firefighters rushed to the rapeseed oil daub in the men's stuck position, more than 10 minutes after the man to pull his head. Bring about forgot to take my keys, lost trouble, many key if installing a smart lock, fingers, face, iris, mobile phone, and so on is the key, still can't forget to bring my keys back to home with worry? If, on the door of the three parties news home installed the smart locks, window also need it to be over home? So, for the sake of the family life safety and convenient in and out of the door, installation and buy locks, don't use mechanical lock in on, intelligent lock is the best choice. ❸ intelligent requirements, intelligent lock live not on early in the morning, a soft light and music to your family wake up from my dream; Inside the kitchen, timing controller already 'command' electric rice cooker, make a good breakfast is hot; Before work, as long as you press a button on the panel, turn off all lights and appliances in the home, automatic alert security system; These are all intelligent household usage scenarios. Intelligent lock that as an important component of intelligent household, also split the function of the smart home a lot. When do you have relatives, nanny, hourly workers to come, and you happen to be not at home, can take out the mobile phone remote to open the door for them, this is how smart and convenient. Bring with and without smart locks, difference so big! Perhaps, to install a set of intelligent household is very expensive, you can't afford to install! But spend 23000 yuan to install a smart lock, can enjoy life as a smart home, why not you? ❹ is written in the last word can't live on, you can make do use traditional locks? For your life more intelligent, more convenient when opening the door for the sake of your family, the more you family and property more secure, installing a smart lock is very necessary!
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