It's time for change intelligent fingerprint lock for office

by:Level      2020-07-18
Although have grown accustomed to in and out in the office, but not everyone can move freely in some office, such as financial, leadership office, research and development center and so on, if you still have mechanical lock, need to relevant personnel unified storage keys, very trouble, if the administrator is not or leave, that a considerable inconvenience to the work. Don't also want to be dominated by mechanical keys? It is time for intelligent fingerprint lock! All the company's office door lock for fingerprint smart locks, to office was to access card to open the door, no longer be dominated by mechanical keys. For those special office or department, relevant personnel only have permission to open the door, is other people do not have permission to open the door. These permissions can be made by the door of the administrator to add, modify, delete and other operations. For daily work often need to open door, can also be transferred to the normally open mode, can freely in and out of the office, to reduce the inconvenience. If the leadership of the office, normally closed, if someone is knocking at the door, do not need to leave the seat, can use the remote control to open the door, convenient, concise, comfortable. Ensure the safety and convenient for employees. In conclusion, it is time to replace the fingerprint smart locks in the office, here I recommend using intelligent fingerprint door lock, a variety of design styles can choose, quality assurance, after-sales service in place, you still don't action?
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