'Key' experience intelligence door lock allows you to enjoy life

by:Level      2020-08-01
As is known to all, the traditional mechanical lock is using keys to open the door, but people often due to forget to carry mechanical keys, lead to life a lot of trouble and inconvenience, especially security issues, but also lead people to upset. Smart door lock due to reasons such as price, now in the midst of a home user and not really popular, but it is only a matter of time, with the increase of people's living standard, yearning to pursue high quality life request, people's awareness to smart locks gradually increased, the purchasing power also can increase accordingly, keyless into focus, will is a kind of intelligent trend. When you are shopping or a trip, for their homelands with their suitcases, dig out the key, you will feel tired of body and mind? 'In 918 - and Hune smart door lock 6 - F 'full range, can easily solve your troubles,' 918 - 6 - F 'smart door lock not only need you open the door, the contemporary and contracted, fashionable, fashionable design, catering to the pursuit of fashion you are. No flowery colour, no dazzling fashion, but the whole body is sending out the contracted fashion breath, bring the wisdom of experience for the user will be the user's favorite. Current smart door lock is usually compared with traditional door lock, in the user identification, more intelligent level of safety management, such as recognition of fingerprint door lock locks, card lock, password, bluetooth to open up a few steps. In many applications in the high-end residential intelligent door locks, door when you entered the home, put out your finger, smart door lock can open the door for you, this kind of intelligent experience, are also looking forward to you? Above all, smart door locks in intelligent convenient application experience of excellence, is the traditional mechanical locks can't match, in terms of convenience, safety and interactive has a good performance.
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