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Keyless, touchless to check in-Hotel Bluetooth door lock system


     Everyone has the experience of journey and love to have journey, many of us will have journey many times. Each time, we will go with friends or family members, we have joy, we have fun, and we have happy memory.

     When I plan our journey, we will try to look for some information about the scenic spots, hotels, the local culture or local news, etc. But I think the most important thing what we will spend a lot of time is looking for a perfect hotel. After we find a hotel, we will place a reservation order, then pay this order online.

     Nowadays we are living in a fast developing society, we can do anything but not move out of our home. We can know the news around the world, we can pay the bill at home, we can purchase anything at home. The high-tech make our life more and more convenience. So now, if I tell you ,you can get your hotel room key at home, will you believe it?

     Yes, we do it today. A new revolution technology has come out—Hotel Bluetooth door lock. After one year striving, our company GUANGDONG LEVEL INTELLIGENT LOCK INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD developed our keyless, touchless system—bluetooth hotel door lock system, and already approved by the markets. 

     I think you should be very curious with this system. Please let me introduce it.

     Bluetooth hotel door lock system is a brand new way for our life. After we place our reservation order and pay for it, we can use our email to register as a member in APP whose name is LV Smart Lock System (you can find it in the Apple Store and Google Market), and then get Bluetooth key. When we arrival to the hotel, we don’t need to go to the front desk for room card. Stand outside the room, (keep the cell phone Bluetooth working) click the APP “open” button, press the hotel lock lever, the hotel room door will be opened. 

      If you still hard to understand it, please allow me to show you the briefly diagram as below:


LEVEL LV6 fashionable models:  

     The unceasing improved technology makes our live more and more splendid, more and more convenient.

     Of course, this is our driving force, this is LEVEL’s original intention. LEVEL will always be with you.


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