Knowledge about smart door locks, 3

by:Level      2020-07-27
More and more people have a strong interest for smart door locks, and it is the most people have bought smart door locks, experience without keys and convenient life. But for many knowledge is not very smart locks, let's take a look at below. 1. What's the use of the cat's eye the lock function is? Now many lock factory, mostly with the cat's eye unlock function, its action to prevent criminals by destroying the cat's eye, the use of special long pole into indoor, make its can pull the handle to open the door. 2. What is on IML process? On IML refers to a mould insert molding, its characteristic is that the surface is a layer of cherry blossoms transparent film, the middle is printed pattern layer, the back is plastic layer, because the ink caught in the middle, can prevent the surface was scratched and friction resistance, and can keep the color bright for a long time, and not easy to fade. Can significantly improve the intelligence of the beautiful sex of door lock and practicality. 3. What is the overlord lock body? Lock body with conventional overlord lock body and lock body, overlord of the lock body size is larger, and often with heaven and earth. Smart door lock manufacturers tend to separate for a certain type to launch overlord lock body version.
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