Man-machine war '' century, intelligent lock will lead people into intelligent life!

by:Level      2020-08-01
1 - Four score and human was defeated by artificial intelligence really means? Google's DeepMind company research and development of artificial intelligence go programs AlphaGo ( Alpha go) In a 1 - 4 victory chess masters lee se-dol, has triggered heated debate about artificial intelligence. Lee se-dol announced after the fight in the war on 5 throw in the towel, 'the robot won' the news make enough all the attention. What the devil are AlphaGo? AlphaGo is a go, ai (artificial intelligence) program developed by Google its DeepMind companies, collection of approximately 30 million kinds of professional players, very close with the intuition and sixth sense of the human brain, which in the history of the most depth imitate, can learn the robot of artificial intelligence. 4 live in industry. S we, machine, in a hotel in the Japan Nagasaki sasebo, already all use robots, all work is done by robots, these robots have many features like ordinary people, talking to the guest with eye contact and even read human body language, proficient in English and also many languages in Korea and Japan, help guests with everything. High and new technology is in affect our life, driving the development of household intelligent man-machine war is inevitable trend, and smart locks and intelligent household entry-level products, consumers don't have to install a full set of smart home system, but the installation it is necessary to ensure the safety and convenience or smart lock. 'A new generation of' smart home products, if can to advantage in the market to the enterprise, to the industry, has an immeasurable role.
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