Marketing residential fingerprint lock is accelerating, how to play?

by:Level      2020-07-07
Residential sales marketing, also known as community is close to the consumer a marketing mode, its target is more accurate, more flexible more appropriate, the rate of return on investment is not low. Fingerprint lock, therefore, the enterprise must work, if you prepare to deeper mining district terminal potential. How to play the community marketing? Fingerprint lock pattern of rapidly changing market competition, and grasp the good marketing tool is very important. Due to both experience and close good options, community marketing has become a battleground between the fingerprint lock enterprise. Insight into residential consumers use fingerprint lock enterprise to understand community information, insight into customer needs, in the fierce market competition, intelligence is the range of victory, not intelligence or inaccurate information will result in failure, so advise dealers to actively collect information community. 1) plot arrangement (2) (3) the community groups and so on various aspects of community culture, actively in-depth understand consumer groups, dealers can play good relationship with real estate, decoration company, understand the community residents to decorate information and demand for fingerprint lock, can & other; Suit the remedy to the case & throughout; . Their products compared with competing products, fingerprint lock in the direction of the enterprise to determine community marketing and competitive enterprises have a great understanding of oneself, is the so-called enemy and know yourself how to know what are the advantages of its products have:, (1) what are some of their products meet consumer demand has the promotion core (2) what are the advantages of competitor's products can be vigilant in defiance (3) what are the disadvantages of rival products can be according to blow. So the dealer penetrating analysis of the self and competing goods analysis is vital, it determines the direction of community marketing. Targeted marketing plan in determining the goals and direction, preparation of fingerprint lock distributor need to do is to formulate detailed and targeted marketing plan: (1) not stingy, in order to get good results don't mean on manpower and financial resources; (2) according to consumer demand for their product advantages, such as consumers need is a high-end fingerprint locks on promoting its own high-end fingerprint lock is beautiful and the collection value; (3) determine the detailed plan, in line with the consumer sales of daily life, such as preheating, for sale at the weekend on Thursday and Friday, in a prominent position on the large advertising or dense location covered with small ads, the propaganda effect on product quality of marketing & ndash; — Product brand is the carrier of enterprise credibility, let consumers know to provide the quality of the products and services have been yes, give full play to achievement brand reputation, brand premium. Consumers are not suckers, they buy fingerprint lock products or the pursuit of quality, but with a little knowledge of fingerprint lock, in order to reduce the possibility of buy bad products, and they will choose the fingerprint lock with high brand reputation brand, so as long as the fingerprint lock enterprise keep consistent quality, there will be consumers pay for premium brand.
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