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by:Level      2020-07-26
Today, the rapid development of Internet industry makes everyone's home will have so a two pieces of smart devices. For many people, smart door lock is a see lemon: on the one hand, expensive as hell, on the one hand, there is nothing special security prominent place. But as & other; Everything is interconnected & throughout; The Fried the heat, the concept of smart door lock also gradually became a choice of door lock for people. Mechanical lock: mass base, but past yi despite the fast development of intelligent door locks, but for most families, give oneself the home is equipped with a set of thousands of yuan, smart door locks or too extravagant, price one hundred yuan of mechanical lock is fully in line with their own expectations. Development has a long history, it is well known that the mechanical lock is deep accumulation and technology, and people are very trust pure mechanical structure, as long as do not covet petty gain will not buy very bad lock. It is important that the generality of mechanical lock is very strong. Your home lock is broken, go downstairs and buy a new lock, or simply removed from anywhere else on the same type of lock to install can be used, where the price is not expensive. In China, although the electronic locks and smart door lock developed nearly a decade, but the mechanical lock in terminal market there are still more than 80% of the market. But with with the progress of era, the development of science and technology, the mechanical lock can't escape the fate of elimination. And elimination of the cause rather than price, quality, more is not security. But because the mechanical lock does not conform to the modern pursuit of life, convenient, smart. In today's & other; Everything is interconnected & throughout; The environment, from the hotel to rent the apartment, from office scenario to business needs, all kinds of scenarios required mechanical equipment tend to IoT ( The Internet of things) . Became instead and pure mechanical structure of mechanical lock.
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