Modern fingerprint lock industry as a whole is irresistibly to development the | |

by:Level      2020-07-14
At present the national the locks in annual sales of up to 2. 2 billion, only the fingerprint lock commercial market demand can be up to 5 million sets per year, such as used in corporate finance, office life. At the same time, the civil market demand is growing. Both the traditional mechanical lock, and modern electronic lock, even the tall building in the door locks, lock industry as a whole are irresistibly to development of China. Residents at this stage, is not only to increase safety consciousness, there is no relevant specification, lead to hardware locks the industry market turmoil, although the policy of expanding domestic demand measures to alleviate the financial crisis caused by the partial pressure, door and window locks (domestic rise significantly. Not only is the lack of standards, China's doors and Windows lock industry also has certain problem. Compared with western developed countries, our country's hardware lock industry is still at the low end, the industrial chain is not mature. A feature of big is small micro enterprise is numerous, it can make full market competition, but the phenomenon of homogeneity serious or severe hindered the development of industry. At present domestic consumers can be recognized and familiar with relatively few. Locks the innovation of the industry, we should change our ideas enterprise, the idea of change is given priority to with imitation, control technology, and increase investment in equipment, technology, research and development of patent innovation, improve product technology content, increase product differentiation degree. Enterprises should pay attention to enhance brand awareness, implement brand strategy, in order to change their situation, grab middle-grade market share, promote industry healthy and rapid development.
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