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by:Level      2020-07-25
With the advent of the era of smart home, a lot of intelligent products began to replace traditional products, fingerprint lock is one of them. It brings us convenience and security been recognized by more and more people, plus countries to develop the Internet of things now, in the intelligent building, intelligent household, intelligence community and so on in the Internet of things industry chain, is an integral part of the fingerprint lock. Fingerprint lock industry will have important policy and market opportunity. Took the last pair of 11 shopping carnival, fingerprint lock sales have nearly three times higher than last year, all of these shows, with the improvement of people living standard and security consciousness, fingerprint lock is the demand of the market is bound to be more and more big, the fingerprint lock explosion wave has hit. So, a high quality fingerprint lock what will bring to your life? Most safer fingerprint lock is made of super class B double blade on the lock core, the thief spend hours are hard to open the lock. Hidden keyhole, under the special design, prevent the thief technical unlock, security flaws. In setting safe mode, but also can fingerprint + password, fingerprint, magnetic card, a variety of combination way to unlock password + magnetic card in one, improve the safety level, make your home safer. A qualified lock more intelligence, it is important to guarantee the life property safety. At present most of the fingerprint lock has the fire, violence prevention technology, open alarm function. Take the fingerprint lock, its trial run low voltage alarm, alarm and alarm function, also can live post alerted to the APP.
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