Open the door locks as intelligent brain inner core ways smart technology

by:Level      2020-07-21
Some time ago, a rainy day a father for his son dozen umbrella, across a picture of my whole body wet network, the father loves the mountain moved many people. The outside rain again big, the father loves the mountain, zhefengdangyu for hope, if faced with 'rain' - in the home Theft, robbery, so how to hold up a family of love 'umbrella'? Manufacturing pioneer - fingerprint lock industry - - - - - - ( Hune) Is it act as 'umbrella' for the home, it's not just a simple lock, especially modern intelligent household life of your first housekeeper. It has a strong appearance, strong inner 'core', intelligent brain, guarded the house owner, and become a new generation of 2015 'keeper', do you modern intelligent life good helper. Let every household do it for a rainy day, precautions. Fingerprint lock has faster 'af' recognition, fingerprint, password and sensing, remote control, mechanical keys to more than one function, adopts 304 stainless steel material, atomic mechanical locks, B level security standard. Advanced touch screen technology, large OLED display screen menu mode, easy to setup and operation. Perfect 99% of door lock body adapter, no opening, installed directly. High performance and low power consumption embedded DSP processing chip, advanced design, ergonomics and art 13 patents at home and abroad. Also separate increased pry proof design, get rid of a lot of house door security hidden danger, to reach the highest safety. The thief could not close the door, even in advanced technology the thieves can only lifelong child it, really allows you to experience the 'umbrella' greatness. Human security, convenient experience, ( hune) Bearing the full of love
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