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by:Level      2020-07-08
Fingerprint lock as a high-tech products, mainly rely on electronic technology and biological recognition technology, the technology of environment of its role is more simple, the better. On the other hand, the auxiliary functions, the more the more likely reduce the stability of the main function. Therefore, when selecting the fingerprint lock function need not too much. Believe what this trendy for fingerprint locks all interesting to know, some high-grade residential area and so on are now in the use of fingerprint lock, in and out of the house no longer need to carry a bunch of keys, convenient and easier, but still more kinds of fingerprint lock brand, have the function is different also, that kind of good? Regulations of the state, the fingerprint lock must have a key to open the function to the factory, this is mainly because of security concerns. Fingerprint lock is, after all, electronic products, electronic products can have on a business trip or no electric power, in order to prevent fire or other disasters to the destruction of the electronic circuit to people at risk, national compulsory fingerprint lock must be configured key open function. Didn't have a key to open the function of fingerprint lock is not qualified. The function of the add/modify/delete user information, user information mainly includes fingerprint information, the use of information, etc. When customers to use one function, other functions are not affected. When the fingerprint lock from being destroyed by the violence, will automatically send alarm, remind security community. Better even can automatically send warning information to the host cell phone, or contact the police for automatic alarm, in order to guard against thieves burglary. Fingerprint lock it because on the use of more convenient, also began to slowly so popular, but we all need not use a variety of function, so everybody when choose the fingerprint lock or practical point, select useful locks.
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