Qiu dong season, smart door locks is not stable?

by:Level      2020-07-19
In autumn winter season, many places will be relatively dry climate, some smart door lock users will encounter some conditions, such as fingerprint identification suddenly not sensitive, but you can also use other way to open the door. Why don't appear to identify sensitive situation? The main reason or climate problems, the dry air in autumn and winter to solve, make our skin surface is relatively dry, can appear some skin peeling. In the fingerprint identification, can appear for a while can identify, a moment can't identify, some users thought it was a smart locks the cause of the malfunction. Encounter this kind of situation, a few small method can improve the sensitivity of identification, before identification, rub your hands or breathe, let the finger is warmer, have certain humidity, such recognition will be better. Of course, because each smart door lock can enter a certain amount of fingerprints, so I can put hands fingerprint entry; Or don't open the lock. Of course, may also be other reasons cause identification is not sensitive, such as collector have dirt, low battery, such as fingerprint identification failure reasons. For smart door lock we also should pay attention to in daily use and maintenance, to instant replacement battery, battery low security to open the door.
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