SaDeLai Chinese enterprise how to deal with? The fingerprint lock for the home

by:Level      2020-07-18
— — Only national, is the world! ! Boycott 'sade', in another way, the national large enterprise intelligent lock will guard our homes. In today's China's economic development, national industry skyshatter turnaround, many large companies has play a important role in the world, even can directly affect the international economic situation, hundreds of millions of small and medium enterprises have mushroomed, thriving. Now 'thad anti-missile system has been set into Korea,' a sharp knife against the our neck, as the genuine native intelligent lock export enterprises, in the voice, resolutely resist all support thad enterprise! Resolutely resist all endanger national security! Resolutely resist all ACTS harmful to the interests of the Chinese! Please support China's own national brand smart lock! ! Door lock is the first line of safety barrier, is almost every day in the family use equipment. A south Korean intelligence lock brand, make the Chinese money, with thad threatening the safety of the Chinese! Intelligent lock manufacturing regardless of appearance, and technology of China has been very mature, the domestic security standard smart lock lock core is generally made of stainless steel casting, shell made of zinc alloy or stainless steel before and after the Chinese need more sense of security, for the ability to create smart locks, determination, affection, intellect, on security just need to abroad, and so on. Please support domestic smart locks, such as, tyrone, graceful, cherry blossoms, dinggu, Kennedy lang, cefotaxime, zhong heng, and so on reason of choose and buy, do not blindly chase high foreign product for after-sale services have serious defects of a south Korean brand, the industry to remind consumers should not blindly chase high foreign products, relative to a south Korean brand smart locks, explosion-proof performance couldn't keep up with the domestic demand. The domestic production of the intelligent lock production processes more demanding, more strict, more can meet the demand of domestic security. Small make up for, preferable national brand smart locks, after all, our service is our countrymen, customers also spent money to buy. Is worthy in intelligent lock market, manufacturing has a 'golden signboard', as the industry's leading enterprises, more than ten years, the intelligent lock for hundred countries and regions in the world products and services. Across six continents marketing service network and the layout of internationalization development system, will tend to support the intelligent lock together global resources, with 'China power' traction, comprehensive global expansion. Smart locks are deliver on the promises of 'national, the world'! Intelligent lock for our country's national security and the stability of the people to protect all the motherland good jiangshan, national brands, air power, and why not 'Korea' it! The future there will be more than 80% to 400 million Chinese families using smart locks, so China will become the world's largest smart lock market. Relying on the maintenance operations for a long time production supply chain and after-sale operational system, is not the only have product for the user, but also a sense of security. Line of more than 2300 after-sales network, emergency question 2 hours door-to-door maintenance, 3 million Chinese people's property insurance. Intelligent lock online WeChat after-sales center, warranty services, online registration, feedback, online solutions, let every Chinese people feel national brand caring service details, completely avoid complain no one accept all sorts of door lock problem, such as really sit enjoy after-sale one-stop full link worry-free service. Good trip to South Korea, the country has suspended; Watching Korean dramas is good, seldom see now; Samsung mobile phone is good, don't let directly bring on the plane; Technology thad is good also, but it is going to threaten China. If thad on China, threat it indifferent countries it congress? Let's all intelligent lock people sound together: patriotism, intelligent lock people have responsibility and obligation. Brand power, power 'national backbone' national enterprises to take off. Brand strong, enterprise grandness, the country became strong, can we truly have a say.
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