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by:Level      2020-07-17
Looking at the door lock safety performance of their own at the same time, more have a doubt, that is what kind of door lock is safe and reliable? If it's not common mechanical lock, what can we use? Smart technology, the world brand fingerprint lock is very good solution to this problem. Advantage: safety. First of all, the door opens more secure. Mechanical lock need to open a door with the key, therefore, inserted into the keyhole opening part must be exposed, this also let the thief had to. And different from the mechanical lock, fingerprint lock need to use fingerprints or password and electronic key open the door, it's part of the door, and the central part in it, so don't worry about being malicious damage of the thief. Second, fingerprint authentication with sex. Fingerprint lock is one of the dermis fingerprint identification, has the characteristics of irreplaceable, could not be copied, and sex. Due to the dermis fingerprint technology need of induction finger temperature, humidity, grain, blood flow and other physical characteristics. Completely put an end to fake fingerprints! Advantage 2: intelligent. First, mass storage fingerprints and password information. The initial user can add or delete user information, when the user needs to increase the entry permission for people, just need to the other side of the fingerprint or password information input system. Conversely, when the user wants to stop some people ( For example: decorate teacher, former nanny, etc. ) To enter the home, remove his information. Intelligent operation without user constantly changing lock or key, save unnecessary spending and trouble for the user. Advantage 3: convenience. Convenience of fingerprint lock in anyone not to open the door and any time. Whether you forgot to take my keys, or suffer from both hands full items can't open the door, or in the evening where is the key to get drunk to don't remember with fingerprint lock can be exempted from the embarrassing situation. In today's society, the electronic technology will become the direction of future development. Fingerprint lock with the advantages of its security, intelligence, convenience, will replace mechanical lock as the choice of households. Fingerprint lock price relative to the mechanical lock, of course, it is still too expensive, because their composition is different, the fingerprint lock is a carrier for human dermis fingerprint recognition and means of smart locks, it is the computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and the crystallization of modern hardware technology. It is a smart appliances! For the safety of home life, the home can have such a & other; Goalkeeper & throughout; Guardian family personal property security, the author thinks that it is very worth it!
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