Safety, starting from the intelligent door locks

by:Level      2020-07-23
Now many commuters are solitary life, and the faster pace of life, work overtime is the norm, the home became the target of many of the thieves. Has been installed the monitoring equipment, but take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, home security, lock to prevent or to start, smart door lock is a good choice. Past the door lock level is low, for some of the thief, technology lock too simple. In the smart door lock is different, not only from the mechanical parts of technology lock has good protection, electronic side also has the corresponding security Settings. Class C lock core, drilling pry proof lock body, a short period of time, let the thief don't laid hands on him; Smart door lock also have multiple induction module, such as anti pry alarm, trial and error alarm, strong alarm can be neighbors, security and so on attention, effectively prevent theft behavior, good home security defense.
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