Sales intelligence door lock, need to know what technical knowledge

by:Level      2020-07-14
I want to be a good smart door lock sales, not only to have good language skills in the eloquence, also has a certain technical knowledge needed to support. See below when a good smart door lock sales need to grasp what technology. 1. Product type to master the types of products including their products and competitors' product type, and should have to know, in the face of different customers, different needs, can recommend the right product, at the same time, in the face of customers compare the problem of a class, can also be a good answer. 2. Adopted the technology of the intelligent door locks the adopted technology of the product will have different, may be the change of the material, may be the type of change, the corresponding technical types will also be different. A technique used to understand the product, you can better understand the advantage of the products, whether in the face of customer or distributor, etc. , can reflect a certain amount of professionalism, improve customer trust on us. 3. Service and after sales intelligence door lock, also need to know some issues after sales and installation, especially as a dealer, is the need to take the customer's installation and after-sales, good service and professional installation and after-sale, not only can promote customer's impression of their products, can also be invisible to word of mouth publicity for you, for the promotion and the sale of subsequent help is very big.
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