Sauna lock common problem how to solve

by:Level      2020-08-12
Sauna lock won't open meet common problems such as what to do, you can use the following method to solve. Q: sauna lock batteries? Solution: sauna lock left or right will be equipped with emergency power interface, and in the case of purchase quantity will match the emergency door power supply box, open or can be independent to buy emergency power supply box can be used for a rainy day. After plugged into a power supply box can be directly with the guest card to open the door, the corresponding then replace the battery ( Special note: do not use the different brands of batteries) Q: sauna lock single, double card mode to open it? Solution: sauna lock in the automatic switching mode for double card, after service card to open service card and guest card operation, if you don't need to set up double card pattern available card touch panel touch three times, delete guest card and service card, then reconfigure the guest card. Q: sauna lock encryption can open? Solution: after sauna lock encryption is need a password to open, such as forgot password or encryption hand lost, manager can use card to open, or use card to open, the reconfiguration. Q: sauna lock blue lights flashing no reaction? Solution: sauna lock blue lights flashing reaction may be due to no key hand failure or line fault and cause, manager can use card or the card to open it. ​
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