Sauna lock is buy one card or ID

by:Level      2020-08-07
Whether to purchase sauna lock or buying for the first time, it must have been some kind of comparison, consideration, decided to buy the product, to buy sauna lock is actually buy a card or ID good, most of the friends still hesitant, because don't know the two different is that, underneath explain to everyone. First is one cartoon sauna lock, IC card is on the same card to achieve a variety of different functions of intelligent management. Believe everyone in school often hear a word 'one card in hand, walk through the campus', whether it is food, water and buy things are directly can be solved by CARDS, eat, use all the time, as long as there is a place can one-time charge, credit card consumption, convenient, sauna lock is used in spa, for example, if it is to play in spa and consumption were together, one cartoon word will play a big role here, the guest in the spa when carrying keys is not convenient, also can appear the possibility of missing keys, so directly to customers and merchants brought troubles and economic losses. Is the time when the guest in the spa is certainly will consume, because in the process of the hot spring will be hungry or want to eat something to enjoy, but we all know that hot spring when they carry out cash is not very convenient, if you convenient sauna cabinet lock is one of many, guests can directly specialty brand to brush calorie of consumption. One cartoon's biggest advantage is that help you to realize the intelligent management, improve the efficiency and profits at the same time also can improve the user experience and convenient. So ID function sauna lock? ? ID card and magnetic card is the same, just use the 'card number', in addition to the inside of the card number, without any confidential function, the 'card number' is open, transparent, simply shut and unlock ID card is the only function, it can't store any information and records function, low safety and convenience, but if want simple sauna lock can directly select the ID card mode. Whether which model to buy sauna lock is needed according to actual condition to select the suitable function of sauna lock to meet demand. ​
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