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by:Level      2020-08-05
Sauna lock ID card and IC card the difference between traditional sauna lock is generally referred to as the early mechanical lock, with science and technology information age arrival, the lock has been implemented electronic information, intelligence and artificial intelligence, so we often say the sauna lock can already call wisdom electronics cabinets lock, and the first electronic sauna locker lock has started to use in 2000, although the technology is not perfect, but that time is the real electronic technology products for the first time application in cabinet lock, a good start to the smart cabinet lock products, the market at present basically has ID sauna lock, IC sauna lock and password lock, sauna which medium and small scale occasions are using ID in cabinet lock, according to a 2018 statistics related businesses, IC cabinet lock with a combination lock, respectively accounted for 30%, with 15% of the market. As a rule, the later the cabinet lock will certainly than previous products have more technical advantage and use value, so why ID sauna cabinet lock always has accounted for most, the main reason there are several crucial factors, one of the important one is the ID sauna lock appears early, the market demand is big, the consumer to the product utilization rate is also high, are more profound understanding, but also can meet the demand of itself, the price is relatively cheap, so ID sauna lock has been welcome by users, is also the most fitness places, senior club, amusement parks, schools, factories use, such as dormitory and IC sauna lock, more used with computer card software, in order to better the IC management requirements and the choice and docking, and the combination lock and fingerprint cabinet lock belongs to the recently appeared, the obvious characteristic of it is no need to be wearing a bracelet, you just need to remember their own set password and fingerprint, so the more simple, let users to more easily free gym or swimming, afraid of lost or interfere with their own activities, but the sauna lock and fingerprint password ark cabinet lock prices more expensive, too cheap, quality is generally not so good, actually choose still depends on user's demand. Average person will say, ID sauna lock will not be copied or crack, this need not worry too much, cloud sauna lock usually it isn't easy to be cracked and replication, want to break is also difficult to achieve in the short time between, even if lost, will not be afraid to be picked up by a other, as long as the notice of management personnel, management personnel with card can be reconfigured with the new bracelet card, and lost hand card immediately before failure, for small and medium-sized places, this function is also very convenient. Although ID cabinet lock will slowly replaced by fingerprint password cabinet lock, but it still needs a period of time, with improvement of people's quality of life and intelligent technology development, technical improvement of ID sauna lock is also likely to achieve more safety, simple intelligent development, so the future, who can better take sauna lock market, who can have the last laugh, temporarily unable to determine, anything is possible. At present, the intelligent technology co. , LTD. , dongguan city, professional research and development production and sales for the integration of electronic lock factory, science and technology co. , LTD. , sales and after sales strength, in the domestic set up perfect sales network and after-sales team, for more gym, swimming pool, sauna spa place provides the high quality, professional, convenient services, in the arrival of the new technologies such as artificial intelligence to send, believe that the more creative sauna lock in the future will be more and more appear in front of people. At present there are sales cloud intelligent lock is constantly updated, cabinet lock fingerprint lock, password cabinet lock, and a series of products for the guests
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