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by:Level      2020-07-20
Voice prompt smart locks can start voice function operation, guide operation for the user to open the door, let the user know every step of the operation is correct, and prompt the user to the next step of operation, make the operation more easy to understand. This feature is very useful for old people or children, make them comfortable during the operation process, reduce their due to don't understand the operation of high-tech products rejected. Phantom passwords in the correct password before and after adding more than one or more groups of the code, as long as there is continuous in this set of data the correct password can open intelligent door locks, to prevent password was I. Mechanical and electrical separation according to the requirements of relevant national industry standard, smart door lock must set aside machinery lock and keyhole, for a rainy day. As a result, many users are worried about the existence of the mechanical lock, and the smart door lock mechanical lock is easy to repeat to open it. If you have a can in an emergency situation, or in the smart locks electronic part is out of order, failure, or after the master authorization to use mechanical keys to open the smart door lock, will get a further boost in terms of security. Alarm function when met criminals try to use the password to open the door, if the output code wrong too much, smart door lock system will automatically lock, and will send out alarm sound, if there is a function of APP, will also be like mobile phone APP sends a response, prompt the door alarm. Remote temporary password lock the function with a gateway to connect to the wife, can be in any place see lock and unlock information, further enhance the intelligence of the intelligent door locks. When parents or relatives and friends visit, he not at home, can send a temporary password by this function, let the relatives and friends easily in a guest. Automatically locked in the era of mechanical lock, when people go out to take out the key in the lock hole can set his mind at to go out after turning laps locked. Once forgot to lock, will fear in home into the thief or stolen. People with obsessive-compulsive disorder, yao has been locked, but I didn't walk far always feel as if not locked, and return to confirm whether already locked, rest assured to go out after confirmed. Since the smart door locks, the user is concerned about the condition of the left door lock is improved. Smart door lock at least no longer need to take out the key, and then insert the lock hole spin lock, as long as the shut the door after lightly on the handle, can be easily locked. While many users feel that locks the lift did a lot of convenient than mechanical lock key locked, closed but there are still forget lift his hands locked hidden trouble. Therefore, automatically locked, can close or smart door lock is more welcomed by users. Low electricity remind and emergency power users before buying smart door lock is more smart locks don't have electricity? Actually now intelligent door locks are very human, if the battery is nearly no electricity, will send out reminder low electricity; Will there be any emergency power interface, can be connected to 9 v battery box USB mobile charger temporary electricity.
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