School of electronic door lock, must choose

by:Level      2020-07-13
Why school electronic door lock, to buy the electronic door lock? That's because a good electronic door lock manufacturers, it is. And the electronic door lock has many schools and hotel used, obtained the consistent high praise. Reliable quality, reasonable price and best service. What is the reason not to choose? What kind of electronic door lock good school? Good schools, with what kind of trash can? Schools use electronic locks mainly is safe, convenient, fast, and one of the more important is the school need to use the IC card function, which is with a card to open the door, dining hall, grocery stories consumption, etc. , the production of IC card electronic door locks perfectly match the functional requirements of the school, can be truly & other; One card is multi-purpose & throughout; : the degree of safety ultra-thin five lock tongue lock body, safety performance is higher, the unified computer card, convenient management. If you are interested, can go to the website browse details details reflects the gap in the electronic door lock automatic SMT process, the surface of the three special treatment electromagnetic microwave induction technology, is not affected by environment, card read distance of 2. Imports more than 5 cm military master control chip, proprietary technology, more than 70% of the integrated digital circuit technology, safer, more reliable, other manufacturers of products compared with us, look like again, also can't have our quality all rights reserved:
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