'Scissorhands' leak fingerprint information? Fingerprint lock tell you risk how far away from reality

by:Level      2020-08-02
People in Tokyo on January 11 (Reuters), Japanese experts warned 'struck scissorhands carries the risk of being stolen fingerprint information', on the Internet. This claim is alarmism or objective facts, how high to steal technical threshold of the fingerprint, people's attention. Source: fingerprint images derived from network: convenient and risk coexist the development of biometric technology, fingerprint authentication is widely used in various fields, attendance management, mobile phones, computer login, financial services and the airport of entry and exit, don't need to input ID or password as long as can press fingers to confirm, convenient and quick. But at the same time, the risk is increasing. If the fingerprint information stolen, could lead to personal information disclosure, the loss of the property. According to Japanese media reports, the hackers claims that by pictures of German defense minister press conference, success for the fingerprint information. Germany's defense minister der leyen professor ryoma work of the national institute of informatics has told NNN ( 日本新闻网) Interview, points out that if your photo, the light is bright, just focus on fingerprint, can recover the fingerprint information through pictures. If this 'it' refers to create artificial finger, you can pretend to be I log in various terminal of fingerprint identification, so be careful when you take a photo 'scissorhands'. Experiments demonstrate: 3 m 20. 4 million pixels shooting ryoma institute to extract fingerprint image: distance from the camera 1. 5 meters ( Left) And 3 m ( Right) Sources: images derived from the network that caught the attention of the domestic Internet and media. A lot of net friend is optimistic: 'can the V' 'beauty exfoliating before uploading photos, will not leave fingerprints', at the same time for 'through photo take fingerprints' there is a question. Ryoma is reported to work in the experiment using the photos are taken by the 20. 4 million pixel digital camera sales market, after the image processing on the photo, the fingerprint data. Distance from the lens 1. 5 meters photographs and fingerprints are clearly presented, distance of 3 meters can determine roughly. So ryoma work, said the distance of 3 meters photographs exist the possibility of being stolen fingerprint, and 'technical threshold is not high, who can easily deal with', 'at the same time with the development of technology, the camera focus function is more and more powerful, the future by sharing photos of you may know who has what kind of fingerprint. 'For the experimental results, tencent stewards mobile security experts Yang Qibo said in an interview, technically feasible, if the camera close clap a finger Gao Qingtu, might be their fingerprints. But in fact, according to the general landscapes and existing camera pixels, it is not enough to collect enough data. Institute of the Ministry of Public Security the first identification technology division, Dr. Yin Desen also said in an interview with the media, the fingerprint is external characteristics, usually very easy to legacy, access method is simple, if can reflect basic lines, can through the technology of image processing, and then fingerprint information can be extracted. But Yin Desen points out, through a separate photo for fingerprints may be difficult, but through the video can be more fully record related information. Small-scale operations improve the safety awareness of privacy protection of the national institute of informatics research and development of the fingerprints of stealing refers to the membrane to prevent the fingerprint information being stolen, developed a special of the national institute of informatics refers to the membrane, the above some print adhesion on your fingers, can prevent leakage were photographed fingerprint information, at the same time also does not interfere with the normal fingerprint identification. In addition, according to Dr 360 chief PeiZhiYong anti-fraud experts, some provide biometrics authentication enterprise, in order to prevent the fingerprint leak risk, also increased the variety of authentication, for example, not only need the fingerprint data information, also need to join the scene change to cooperate with other information, such as the need to add temperature, electrical conductivity, etc. To check whether the actual finger. But PeiZhiYong warned that 'any protective measures cannot guarantee absolute security, defense is the process of long-term confrontation, now some 3 d technology, simulation technology is also likely to crack the protective measures. 'Recommend' try to avoid public online 'V gesture may disclose such as pictures of fingerprint, enhance the safety awareness of privacy protection, so as to reduce unnecessary risks. 'Image fingerprinting analytical fingerprint extraction: take photographs of fingerprint, when shooting vulnerable to light intensity, shooting Angle, such as air temperature, larger photos to extract fingerprint image distortion, for example, shooting Angle, restore the real fingerprints, need to refer to the real environment of distortion correction. Therefore, fingerprints extracted from pictures and restore real fingerprint technology threshold is very high, not easy to extract the real fingerprint image. Unafraid to reveal the fingerprints scissorhands head identification using active capacitive fingerprint sensor, principle is through the electrical signal coupling finger to take the fingerprint image, due to the coupling of the electrical signal can't penetrate refers to the mode, false fingerprint, not like, so it can prevent false fingerprints. Above all, fingerprint picture from a practical point of view it is difficult to restore the real fingerprint, let alone to open the door!
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