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security password lock fashion supplier for home

security password lock fashion supplier for home

Security password lock fashion supplier for home

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15-30 days
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Foshan, China
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Product Information of security password lock fashion supplier for home
Company Advantages
1. Level code door lock undergoes a series of production processes that involve the cutting of metal materials, stamping, welding, and polishing, and surface treatment. The product has a special card identification function
2. The product provides excellent performance to every application. The product enjoys a long life cycle
3. The product has excellent heat dissipation effect. The surface area is maximized to contact with the cooling medium surrounding it, such as the air and the cooling liquid. Superior insulation performance makes the product stand out among the industry

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   ◆  Product Characteristics

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  • 【Three ways to open:】Touch keypad / RFID Card / mechanical key

  • 【Material:】Plexiglass + Zinc Alloy

  • 【Finishing:】CFG, CR

  • 【Workable mortise:】SS M6068

   ◆  Product Parameter

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Power supply

DC 4.5~6.5V 4pieces of 1.5V AA alkaline batteries

 Static power waste


 Dynamic power waste


Store temperature


Store Humidity

10~98% RH

Working temperature


Working Humidity

15~85% RH

Working frequency

13.56MHz(MF 1)

Card capacity

200 cards


2 groups and can be extended.

Reaction time


Battery lifetime

about 1 year

Applied to

wooden or metal door of 40-65mm door thickness.

Low Voltage Warming

Another 50 times opening since the first low-power warming given out by the lock.

   ◆  Selling point

    Three ways to open: Touch keypad, RFID card, mechanical key.


    With OLED screen to display English menus, follow the menu to operate the lock step by step easily.


    6068 security mortise, using SS material, high strength, high security.


    Use European standard cylinder.


    Lift handle upwards to pull out deadbolts for double lock from outside when leaving.


    Stand alone lock, each lock could register 200pcs user cards and 2 codes.


    With door bell function.


    Maximal 30 digits can be input for protecting the correct code unexposed when open the lock.


    Can store the latest 1000pcs unlocking records (including mechanical key and inside open) and read them in OLED screen. 


    Use 4pcs 1.5V AA alkaline batteries, saving energy, with low voltage alarm.


    Can set Passage Mode (normal opening state) for special cases.


    External emergency jack design, convenient for emergency measure when power is cut.


    One card solution, the same card for lock, car parking, elevator, building entrance, time attendance, consumption system, staff management system etc.


    Suitable for Luxury villa, office and apartment.

   ◆  Residential Lock Mortise

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standard: SS6068
optional: SS6068 morise with heaven and earth bolt
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standard: EU type mortise
optional: EU type mortise

Company Features
1. The achievements of Level in the password lock industry have been made.
2. The new technology has been applied to the production of code door lock .
3. Under the guidance of corporate management, Level is growing toward a brighter future. Please contact us!
Has been working well for a year now
I used it to an apartment, and works great
Really like this product; Love that it talks, but not too loudly to disturb anyone. Simple setup, easy to understand instructional video that I still refer to when setting up new users. My only “complaint” is the remote control. It takes an annoying size of battery. I would have preferred it take some type of button battery that is easy to find/replace. I haven’t been able to use the remote because I have to go buy a specific battery. And for the quality of everything else, you would think that they would throw in the first battery for the remote. BUT they do give you plenty of keys and 2 access cards (which my fiancé and I both actually use the most) and the unit itself is great. I can’t see myself using the remote anyways, so it’s not a big deal. 5 star product either way!
Very nice. I own a two family and bought one for my tenant also. Two 5 stars!
Easy to install. Solid performer. I"ll update duration later.
We liked these so much we replaced all our locks. Much cheaper than the big hardware dealers. These were easy to install and now we don't have to worry about lost keys and the combination can be changed for security. We own a vacation house and are always losing keys, will be replacing locks with these
I have this product at my house and recommended to my employer for the office. We purchased one, but it came without a battery. In the description it said it comes with a 9v battery. The one I have at home did and I purchased it through amazon. However on the packaging it states battery not included. Please correct this information.
Was easily installed and lights up -much easier to open door -no fumbling for keys when holding objects and it's a deadbolt so it is keeping the door safely locked !!!
Bye Bye Keys, posted this review to the door handle set originally but used the two items together and they are great.
Used this for a vacation rental, works great!
Make my life a lot easier.
ive bought a couple if these and am a huge fan. easy install, great to leave the keys at home!
Installed three of them and all work great
Well made and works as expected. Nice finish.
Love this! It was easy to install, easy to program and easy to use. It's nice not fumbling for keys in the dark when I get home and equally nice to lock up when i leave.
Easy to install, looks good and is working fine. Installed on a door near salt water and we have had no problems.
Great deal, fast shipping!
Very good looking and convenient. We purchased this for the door that leads from the garage into the utility room.
works great, easy to install
I ordered this, and it didn't work. I contacted Schlage, and got a new one in the mail a couple days later. Now this is installed and works great.
This was a gift for my husband, and he loves it! It is nice not having to carry keys with him when he is out on the property. We have Schlage products all throughout our house and have always been happy with them.
Used these locks at a rental and loved it so much we added them to our home. Very secure and a great addition to home security.
We installed this on our new front door. Very sharp looking. Easily programmed. Works great.
A gift to my son for his first new home. He loves it and says it works great.
First of all, for the money, it definitely is a great buy! i tend to lose my house keys, so this is an alternative way for me to get in and out of home without panicking when looking for my keys; I can remembar codes a lot better than worrying about losing my key. The only reason i gave it 4 stars out of 5 is because it was vary complex when installing for the first time. Other than that, the lock is a1 easy to maneuver, stylish, and secure!
Took me about 15 mins to install. Works great. Looks great.
This is a very good Keypad deadbolt lock. It was easy to install and easy to program new codes.
LOVE this lock. Super easy to install and works great. We love it.
has problems when temps get below 10 degrees. I love not ever being locked out!
Loved them while they lasted (about 2 years with daily use).
Seems to work well. My house is an a city area with high foot traffic so the auto-lock feature is the main reason I bought it so no-one forgets to lock the door. My only complaint is that the unit is so bulky at the top, so if used with the Schlage keypad deadbolt, there will not be enough room for both on standard spaced double openings. If you intend to use both you will have to drill your own holes. If using in a new construction, definitely get a door with only one pre-drilled hole and add the hole for the deadbolt yourself with plenty of spacing. Existing doors with standard spacing you may have some patching to do!
The Good: This is the 6th Scalage lock that we have bought and we really like these locks. We have a studio apartment above our garage and use these to program lock combo's for our guests so they can come and go as they please without worrying about a key. The battery life for all of these is well over a year. We have 4 kids constantly coming and going so all of the doors are getting used frequently. Not so Good: This one in particular was missing parts--the other 5 were good out of the box. Amazon did a great job as always getting us a replacement. Sometimes the buttons just stop working (seems like a battery issue but the batteries were new). If you give it a few seconds the numbers usually start working again. Not a problem for us, but could be an emotional event for a renter if we are not around and their only entrance is not working. Overall, I would (and have) continue to buy and recommend these locks. They look nice, and keypad access is something we will always have in all future houses--a key is a thing of the past.
Easy setup, 5 minutes of installation, 2 minutes of programming and I’m off. Easy to follow the directions, and I have replaced a door knob, not like they are rocket science. Now the bad news....my dog figured out how to let himself out without me even going out. There is a new one on order with knobs, not levers. I guess the garage will get an upgrade too. All 3 pre programed codes are on a sticker on the directions, and on the plastic plate/battery holder.
Perfect! This is just what we've been looking for.. We had one on our last home and we missed it so much we decided to check to see if Amazon had one.. We are extremely pleased with the keypad entry.. It was very easy to install and looks great on both outside and inside.
The locking mechanism and the build quality are good and wears well in a commercial setting. Only complaint is that one this individual unity if you push the numbers on any angle then perpendicular the keys might stick and thus a quick 9845 becomes 98-- and you have to wiggle the keypad numbers before restarting the sequence. I'm sure over time it will wear in and be fine like the others.
It was so easy to install I couldn't believe it! I replaced a normal Quikset lock in the entrance from my garage. It went right in with no complications which I had expected from my previous experience of replacing door knobs many times over the years. No more searching or fumbling for keys especially when bringing in groceries. (We have proximity keys on the autos so we never have to take the keys out of our pockets.) My wife loves it because she doesn't have to search through her large handbag (a.k.a. small suitcase- wink, wink) to find the house key. If she is happy, I am happy! I haven't had it long enough to have to replace the battery but when I do I will spend the extra money to put in a Lithium Ion battery as they last the longest.
Easy to install takes longer to read the instructions than it did to install. Works great. No Wi-Fi connectivity. Works great so far. Looks good too
Fantastic lock for my garage entry, kids always losing keys and this solves all of that headache. I bought this because I really wanted the self locking feature and it works flawlessly. I never have to worry anymore my garage entry is unlocked, build quality is excellent and took all of 20 minutes to install.
Installed one of these on our garage door and liked it so much I put one on my daughters door. I can leave the house to walk the dog or take my granddaughter to the school bus without putting the overhead garage door down or carrying a key with me. And my three kids and 2 grandkids can come in without having another key on their key chain. Easy to install and easy to program in the code(s). And very upscale looking. Buy it, you'll like it.
This is my 3rd Schlage, the first one costing me well over $150.00 but his one was just short of $110.00 and as with the others, I totally enjoy the keyless access and peace of mind knowing I can program the device for benefit of my out-of-state relatives. It is a very good product and why the product bombs after three years, don't know. Notwithstanding, I recommend this keyless device as a complement to your doors and a real smart buy for those of us who can't seem to remember to get the key before leaving home or office.
I just installed it tonight. Mechanically and as to programming, it works perfectly. The parts supplied pretty much cover all installation conditions. Installation is a snap. EXCEPT. Routing the wires around the "curved thing and the tabs" prior to installing the inside plate is an unbridled pain in the butt, and consumes about ninety percent of the time required. Other than that, great. Update: 10 January 2017. Locks work perfectly. No problems at all. It's great not having to worry about carrying or losing keys.
Installation is easy and so far it works well. We can have different entry codes for everyone needs access to our house.
Added this to our garage for easy access without having to dig for key. Love that it can be set to automatically lock at closing, or allow it to stay unlocked. Great product. Easy install!
One of the best purchases I have ever made for my house. This Schlage Keypad lock adds so much convenience to my coming and going. No more fumbling or carrying my house keys. The Flex-Lock can be set to always lock the door after unlocking. This is a great feature if you are always wondering if you locked your door. Perfect! I upgraded from an old Kwikset system. Schlage is well made and I could not be happier with the look, function and price.
I really like these locks and would score them a 5 star. However the issue is you must open them and test them as they sometimes won't work. I order several at a time so I have them for future use and when I finally install them I find out one doesn't work and I have passed the return deadline. Now I am stuck with a lock that won't work for 115.00. I guess I can't trust someone to send me a working product.
I cannot speak on the long term sturdiness of this device . So far however it seems pretty darn solid . Installation took a little under 10 minutes and I found the instructions for programming to be intuitive . We were able to even add additional passcodes for our temporary guests . So far as I’m concerned with this being my first smart lock I’d definitely purchase this again
I have installed several of these in the past on our house and garage, as well as the houses of family members. They have always functioned flawlessly and are a great convenience feature. They are also great for allowing service people to have access for a limited period of time without having to trust them with keys etc. the only drawback to these was they historically have been pricey, but Amazon had a special offer that brought the price down to a reasonable level. I was pleased to take advantage of this special promotion and the product was the same quality that I had purchased previously.
We have it for 7 years and can't imagine living without it. Seriously, i don't have to worry about leaving the house without the keys and it is great. My kids don't have to worry about loosing the keys as well. This lock never gives us a problem. Be prepared to replace the battery roughly every year. That would be it. I do believe this lock would make a wired but a great gift.
Easy to install, easy to program and looks nice too. I put this on my barn door, so I do not have to carry a key when I want to park my bike. It looks good, works well in the weather and easy to use.
The door lock appears to be well made. Installation instructions could have been a bit clearer, however, I am pleased with the results.
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