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by:Level      2020-07-22
Intelligent lock development has been from the start of the fingerprint + password to unlock the development to the present diversified way to open the door, such as mobile phone APP lock, bluetooth lock, face, iris recognition lock and so on. The progress of science and technology, bring us more convenient to open the door, bring us a safer environment that occupy the home, but from the point of the development of intelligent lock, this function were measured under the criteria for a smart lock. 1, the operation is simple to understand. Home intelligent locks have automatic induction lock system, when the automatic induction to the door closed, the system will automatically lock, the user can through fingerprints, touch screen, such as card to open the door. And, in general, intelligent fingerprint lock it has voice prompt function, allows users to operate more straightforward. 2, to protect privacy. Home intelligent locks have phantom password function, to protect privacy. Phantom password function is refers to the registration code before or after, you can enter any number. In this way, which can effectively prevent registration password leaked, at the same time, can open the door, and thus the use of more secure environment for the family. 3, independent information management of household intelligent lock management with all the user information, free to add/modify/delete user information. The function of the management of the user permissions of the user is very useful, the user can free authorization, or stop some people's are allowed. For example, when a nanny or tenants move out, can instantly remove their fingerprints, so they have no right to use dozen don't open the door. Conversely, if there are new nanny and tenants, can input their fingerprints at any time, let them free to open the door. 4, hidden mechanical keyhole intelligent lock the emergence of convenience to our life, and that we can need not take the key to be able to go out, but be sure to set aside a smart locks hidden mechanical keyhole, because smart lock is electronic products, it will be a failure in the frontal, because language is the failure occurs circuit board has a problem, and will not affect the lock body lock core, this time you use the key to open the door.
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