Several hundred yuan smart door lock can be used?

by:Level      2020-07-26
Online platform to sell smart door lock brand is numerous, the price also is uneven, compared with the normal price of more than one thousand or so smart door locks, the hundreds of pieces of intelligent door locks can buy use? Only from the point of view of information, the hundreds of pieces of intelligent door locks, appearance and normal difference of more than one thousand smart door locks, its function is more than one thousand even more intelligent door locks, relatively complete, in some people who don't understand, don't understand intelligence door lock, high cost performance. But, in fact, the use of the intelligent door locks consumers know that use soon after, began to question, all sorts of function also is not stable, often broken, there is a problem, after-sales slam shut, only to change the locks. The low-cost smart door lock profits come from? Is to cut corners of door lock, reduce the cost to obtain profits. The more than one thousand, more than two thousand smart door lock brand manufacturers ex-factory product, may be someone will think expensive, actually otherwise, the lock with a decade eight years, is normal, the big smart door lock products ensure the quality of its price not only contains the cost price, and after-sale service, maintenance, etc. , all, is not expensive, also true, peace of mind.
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