Several methods to teach everybody WeChat smart lock

by:Level      2020-07-26
Several explosive powder method to teach everybody, opportunities are left to adhere to the people to do, do wechat business, too, which earn millions a year of great coffee this way. 1, actually increased contacts before, you want to make a orientation, because the drainage is divided into online and offline drainage drainage. But also divided into accurate drainage and explosive powder. We say the first offline drainage. Offline drainage is relatively easy, but more complicated, and small, but high precision is easy to clinch a deal. Simple and practical is a time when you are shopping, clothing stores and gift stores. Any shops you can ask the wife of shop-owner, etc. To add your WeChat ID, you can directly say leave a WeChat, when in a new give me send a WeChat I bring my friend to buy. Next to the clothing store salon, hairdressing, nail salons, as long as there is billboard advertisements are store the door you can input WeChat his phone and avenue. Open a run to the store near near people how do not income dozens of people, some of old newspapers to the newsstand casually, basically no cost above recruitment advertising information, as long as can add again by phone. But you should pay attention to is the time to add the phrase. He is to sell the house when you are consulting house, he is hiring you consulting recruiting so that one day down dozens of hundreds of contacts easily enough you convert for several days. 2, district were available when also can go to the gate of code to send a small gift, but passive hundreds a day. You can develop to the whole community is your agent, offline drainage is very demanding of boring, but the conversion rate is very high. For example: intelligent lock village to promote regional agent drainage method is very effective, through detailed and has the region targeted marketing plan: (1), not stingy, not stingy on manpower and financial resources in order to get good effect; (2), in the light of consumer demand for their product advantages, such as consumers need is high intelligent fingerprint lock is promoting its own high-end intelligent fingerprint lock is beautiful and the collection value; (3), determine the detailed plan, in line with the consumer sales of daily life, such as preheating, for sale at the weekend on Thursday and Friday, in a prominent position on the large advertising or dense location covered with small ads, amplify the propaganda effect, etc. Because reality to meet some local friends reliability will be higher. Get to the point, the online part! Online has been divided into powder and accurate drainage, first said the meaning of the blasting powder explosive powder is quality of the fan. It's very easy to open software, near people all over the country more than ten dollars to buy dozens of group,. Each other when fans platform top throughout the day. After more than a few operating platform, every day can add thousand friends of the plane. 3, active, passive and add some to add some, the day is the thousands of very realistic, here I don't have the detailed operation way. If any kind of operating mode about down all need a whole class of time. 4, accurate precision fan fan, not as much as blasting powder, but the conversion rate is still increased. Such as all kinds of building materials app channel group, decoration industry group, property group, community groups, neighborhood committees and so on. Get some crime in, bring your WeChat ID message, can be said to want to learn more of the fingerprint lock add WeChat intelligent household security lock and so on. Are you a heavy hair, of course, you can go in and talk to people who are interested in. This is called a directional precision powder, though not large, but the high conversion rate. In short we is the purpose of marketing to make money, then precise powder. What is more advanced, your promotion platform, such as small program stores, website, etc. 5, do well the agent, who doesn't have thirty thousand friends, dozen WeChat ID directly, all of them are filled up, this is the true wechat business. Or you can see someone every day out of the single, you have three hundred friends what others thirty thousand concept, you can out of the three hundred junior agent for someone else. Equal to one day, a learned.
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