Share how to select intelligent door locks

by:Level      2020-07-28
In intelligent becomes more and more popular today, intelligence door lock is mostly the choice of the family, but now the market, to choose a good smart locks, for beginners, is more difficult. Here share some buying smart door lock. 1. To have multiple encryption locks is a guardian of security, so one can protect safety of intelligent door locks are what we demand, one of the purposes of intelligent is by intelligence to strengthen security. The intelligence of multiple encryption lock can well adapt to a variety of conditions, bring security to the home. 2. The strong adaptability of intelligent lock hole of door of guard against theft that smart door lock should be adapted to the most, don't need to open holes, the borehole violent installation, such as destruction of integrity, if improperly installed, to the door, to the intelligence door lock has certain damage, causing all sorts of problems. 3. Service and after-sale guarantee online many cheap products, there is no perfect after-sale, the problems are various push to take off, can't even find people. So after-sales is very important, the choice of time, want to ask clear, know after, or choose a few big brands, has been basically perfect after-sale system. Smart door locks, lock more than 20 years, quality and service in the industry door lock has certain popularity, independent research and development production, quality guaranteed. Smart door locks, with you a better life.
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