Should know the knowledge of wisdom hotel guest control system - Hotel control system

by:Level      2020-08-09

each to a hotel, what we value most is the condition of hotel rooms, hardware, and is a big consideration in decorating. Now most of the hotels have the wisdom of the intelligent control system in the hotel guest, this system makes the whole hardware condition of hotel rooms are in a class, the resulting higher service quality. To the guest, the structure and functions of the control system can be more familiar with the words, will be better for managers to fully use, gives customers a better experience.

, the wisdom of hotel guest control system structure

new management part of the hotel guest control system is mainly composed of server, client computer and system software, the backbone network switches and floor switches of special network, and the hardware part of supporting structure is mainly composed of guest room controller, function module, control button ( Panel) And so on.

2, the principle of guest room intelligent controller

domestic professional hotel guest in the control system, has a wealth of subsystems, its technological strength, the controller is the core of it, its composition is also more abundant, consists of an interface, driver module, etc. , in which single chip computer I/O port to obtain detector or switch panel signal, internal programs run by the CPU, intelligent signal instructions, after analysis of the I/O mouth output, the drive circuit control relay action, to control the room all electric equipment of power supply.

3, guest control system control and management functions

this hotel guest can control system through the card switch card read take electricity, take the electric control, so as to effectively prevent the illegal electric, guests from the room card automatic power off hours seconds, reach energy-saving purpose. Through the intelligent controller with the front desk computer network connection information exchange, customers want to check out, cleaning and other services can also be displayed in real time on the client and should be timely.

compared with traditional hotel service, the hotel guest control system to be more advanced, more effectively to provide service for the customer, give consumers a better accommodation experience. Wisdom hotel guest control system is a system of practical at present, many hotels are already in use, also will become more accepted in the future. Haven't installed the hotel can consider importing this kind of system, because it will be a way to enhance the competitiveness of the hotel.

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