Simple steps tell you how to complete the guest - control system maintenance work Hotel control system

by:Level      2020-08-10

the guest appearance of control system for the hotel to solve the problem of at least two aspects, first is the whole service level of the hotel, because the customer favorite guest control system and have a qualitative leap, on the other hand, is the management of the hotel's work, under the brand of good guest control system maintenance, the efficiency of a higher level. That use the guest at the hotel in the process of the control system, need continuous for daily maintenance work, it's purpose is to be out before failure, make the function of the guest control system extension to the maximum level.

a, operating software program need to set up a specification standard

control system is a special operating software and display interface, requires a prior training, operators should at least tell qing should pay attention to small link in the process of operation. Such as operating software after finished with normal shutdown procedures, directly to shut off the computer power supply, may lead to the loss of the stored information, so even if meet a sudden power failure, is going to shut down the system according to the process.

2, understand the protection system of the internal storage data and files

high quality guest control system will record customer information to clear, and then save the inside the system, the data and files, if be accidentally deleted, the stable operation of the control system will affect the guest, can also cause the hotel lost an important client's information, so that the training focuses on when you need to know.

3, can through the network to exclude system of network fault

once the guest suddenly in the network control system is not smooth, the first step to check the connection of the crystal head is fully inserted, the second step is to check the crystal sort of the head is not correct, the third step is to check switch Ethernet cable. As the network has yet to recover after the screening work, try a change of switch socket.

in order to ensure the control system can run smoothly for a long time, about its maintenance should be everyday behavior, and, of course, have to start from the operation of the system, do a good job in personnel training or preparations for the job, all the key points and the basic troubleshooting methods are ready to handover, use the process specification is correct, there is a problem to rule out one by one can control system maintenance and hospitality.

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