Since a smart locks, don't have to worry about don't have the key

by:Level      2020-08-05
Reading in small make up, walked to the door only to find that home didn't have the key, only sitting on the stairs, etc. My parents came back from work to open the door. Such embarrassing things from small to large, don't know how the back don't know what to do with no key on meet before, now the emergence of' target='_blank'>intelligent lock to thoroughly solve the thing, open the door with mobile phone unlocked as convenient ~ smart lock feels dye-in-the-wood appearance contracted, science and technology, is different from traditional mechanical locks, in terms of user identification, security, manageability more intelligent combination locks. At present, the intelligent lock has solved the mechanical lock is often forgot to take my key, lost key, open the disadvantages of not convenient. According to statistics, China's intelligent lock sales accounted for about 30% global intelligent lock sales, and is still rising. Bring about smart smart locks, lock supply and demand in China in 2016 the global market intelligence lock industry reached 11 million sets. Which Japan has reached 1. 5 million sets, South Korea reached 1. 7 million sets, European and American markets reached 2. 5 million sets, China reaches 3. 5 million sets, other markets such as about 2 million sets. 2016 the domestic market, domestic intelligence lock sales reached 3. 5 million sets, 2017 to 7 million sets, concentrated in north China, south China region, a high-speed growth. Bring the intelligent lock industry in our country is developing rapidly, according to analysys analysis at present domestic intelligent lock offline sales channels accounted for about 50%, mainly rely on distributors for sales. Online channel sales accounted for about 10%, mainly depends on jingdong, Tmall and its mall. As in the past two years the rapid development of Internet and online sales, online retail are growing significantly faster than offline. Bring about intelligent lock continued to fall in the price of the lock core is the main parts, control the lock open is the heart of the lock. Intelligent lock is certainly lock, lock the stand or fall of determines the quality of the intelligent locks, is the key to protect the family's personal safety and property safety. Anti-theft lock of national standards are divided into 'ordinary protection level' and 'advanced' protection level, the former is represented by the letter 'A', which is represented by the letter 'B'. The so-called super class B and class C on market lock is some businesses own definition, strictly speaking should be classified as class B lock. Warm prompt: whether traditional security door locks or smart locks, lock is the most important part of, want to choose in B above the door lock lock core level. Intelligent lock is not once and for all, there may be a potential safety hazard, so you'd better have mechanical keys to open when emergency. Another choice of after-sales guaranteed intelligent lock is a good solution. Have some ideas want to share with you: * choose offline purchase: more recommend shopping in offline brand shop, so intelligent lock pre-sale oneself can try experience, after-sales maintenance and repair of guaranteed. Low utility: it is recommended that you do not go too much focus on intelligent lock other bells and whistles, practical row first, make sure with the comfortable and easy and comfortable. Low quality, everyone don't covet is cheap to buy low price of smart locks, the door of their own safety and quality to guarantee. In the future, intelligent lock into every household, gradually replace the traditional anti-theft locks, recommend to crack in the wall
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