Since the use of the fingerprint smart locks, any change in life?

by:Level      2020-06-30
Nowadays, more and more families begin to trust and replace the fingerprint smart locks, now let's look at the use of fingerprints after combination lock, life is those who change? 1. If you have nannies, cleaners, or tenant vacating, don't have to change the lock or change the lock to watch out for the key to be copied, as long as their registration to open the door of the fingerprint information, passwords, CARDS permissions to delete; 2. Late, needn't disturb my family to help open the door, just lightly fingerprint authentication can open the door, convenient and comfortable; 3. Shopping back, no longer need to flip the pocket bag to find the key, just password or fingerprint authentication; 4. Relatives and friends to come, need not hurried home, can be issued a temporary password, to open the door, don't have to wait at the gate; 5. Go out key is no longer necessary, solve similar movement in and out of the dilemma, litter and other key is placed;
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