Site management for an enterprise, it is very important - — Smart door lock training

by:Level      2020-07-14
5 s management - — The finishing ( SEIRI) , clean up, SEITON) , cleaning, SEISOU) , clean, SEIKETSU) And literacy ( 修身) , also known as '' wuchang law' in the traditional enterprise management, implement the pyramid hierarchy management, site management personnel and grass-roots staff are often passive role, were in at the grass-roots level managers and employees often is not sensitive to the change of market and customer requirements - — As long as complete production tasks, increase production lines, workers care about is quantity/production. 'To do a good job, must first sharpen his device. 'The stand or fall of site management, on the one hand, depends on site staff's consciousness, on the other hand depends on the mastery of site management tools. We believe that effective field management, need to master a series of tools, organizing 5 s training, learning advanced thoughts extraction method suitable for the management of the enterprise itself, the price. Such as: through the door lock key attention points in the manufacturing process of visual management, make the employees soon found the key to problem. Through the electronic production in fully enclosed dustless workshop for all the way, to avoid human negligence, ensure the accuracy of electronic technology. Production through automation and artificial auxiliary combination of production, make a assembly tend to be more reasonable, enhance the efficiency of the assembly process, improve the quality of assembly, etc. Application of a variety of site management tool for lock enterprise field management to provide strong support. Now the rapidly changing external environment facing the enterprise, how to improve the response speed of the whole enterprise, make each link can focus on the needs of customers, has become the enterprise the key to winning. More and more companies tend to flat organization structure, management personnel at the grass-roots level are responsible for business objectives, market oriented, high-level management to provide direction and support, on-site management personnel was given more responsibility.
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