Small program fingerprint combination lock

by:Level      2020-07-14
Now the fingerprints of combination lock with WeChat function is more and more small program, can I take a small program to view the door lock information and send the temporary password, a key to open the door, etc. Below I introduce new combination lock M5F WeChat applet fingerprint. WeChat fingerprint combination lock M5F, is a a hold open intelligent door locks, via bluetooth connection WeChat small program, at the same time, the menu bar of the fingerprint combination lock set in WeChat small programs, and through a small program can be set up and manage door lock. Through a small program, can management menu, check the door lock information, also can direct remote lock and unlock the remote authorization, execution time, need to enter the administrator password. The registration up such as fingerprint, password, CARDS, is through a small program to management, notes, etc. If lost, or termination, direct phone find note to delete the registration information, the operation is simple, convenient.
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