Small smart door lock knowledge question and answer

by:Level      2020-07-03
Many people buy the smart door locks, but understanding of the smart door lock is not much, many small knowledge all don't know, here we for some. 1. Smart door lock many errors such as fingerprint, password is locked? Sometimes because fingerprints too dry or wrong password, send out alarm is locked at the same time, actually don't have to worry about, wait a few minutes will be back to normal, note that the locking state, the frequent operation. 2. Smart locks with battery is special? One of the functions of intelligent door lock is convenient, so the battery is also a daily can buy alkaline batteries, however, should pay attention to is to buy normal battery products, if is a fake version of the battery leakage happens easily, will damage to items within the smart door lock and circuit. 3. Smart door lock battery can mix this is no good, whether it be the same brand of a mixture of old and new batteries, or a mixture of different brands of batteries phase. Because the old battery internal resistance is too big, can affect the service life of the new battery; The latter because the voltage and internal resistance will have differences, different brands of chemical material also has certain differences, influence the stability of the electric current. 4. Smart door lock to replace the battery, will make the system inside disappear stored information that is no. Of information stored on a chip, smart door lock after the electricity, the system will read the data in the chip, the condition of the loss will not occur.
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