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by:Level      2020-07-05
With the development of modern management in the hotel, the guesthouse, the only building, government departments, Banks, etc, the demand for door lock, great changes have taken place in ordinary mechanical locks and magnetic card lock cannot meet the needs of management and security. Smart card anti-theft lock adopts advanced IC card as a key lock, it combines computer technology, smart card technology, precision machinery manufacturing technology, electromagnetic technology. IC card is a tiny chip are embedded, exterior and credit CARDS, it has the function of storage, access to its information must be password checking, right to modify, so we can ensure the security of the IC card key. Password is a multi-stage control, high security; IC card key issued through a computer, only this system issue legal card can unlock; Have more than one lock card function; Have more than one card lock function; In the lock is equipped with electronic clock, flexible limit lock time; After door lock has the storage function, can save 80 unlock records; IC card key storage function, which can realize a card holders; When the illegal key card automatic alarm when trying to open the door; If meet the fire master control computer can make the automatic door lock is in the fully open position; After various card at any time change, accidentally lost easily fabrication, the original card void automatically. Smart card anti-theft lock system configuration computer ( Pc386 and compatibles above, more than 4 m memory) Smart card issuing machine management software locks the composition of the smart card IC card door lock anti-theft lock consists of shell, lock, embedded computer installed in hotel guest room door, by the standard & other AA” Alkaline batteries, opened the door for more than 5000 times, available electronic key to open the emergency situations. Locks the main function is to insert legal IC card lock, open the lock and the card number and record the lock time, illegal card after, lock, and to the overall control report to the police. IC card key classification and function: can't open the lock, the language set total control card lock: language Settings, also can open all door lock, and is used to set the floor card floor card: can open a floor all guest card door: can open a door lock of the room, with a time limit on the data card: after insert in the lock, can remove the nearly several times in the lock unlock record clock card: adjust the door in time clean card: can open a user defined area clean all door maintenance card: can open a user defined maintenance area all locks emergency card: an emergency door lock in a normally open state. The use of IC card lock door lock initialize newly bought lock, must first be initialized before they can be put into use. Door lock initialization is card, general control card, the floor card pairs, cleaning and maintenance of the relevant parameter is set to the door lock, which is to define the door lock of some basic parameters, in the middle of the floor, clean area, service area and so on. You can use them to open the door, after legal to identify the card at the same time, what kind of card is illegal. Open a door with general control card, floor card. Door lock after the initialization, corresponding general control card and the floor card can be used to open the door. Daily maintenance and cleaning issue corresponding maintenance card and clean card, within the prescribed time interval, can open the door. The guest house guest check-in to guests offering intelligent Carmen waiter lead guests to the corresponding key floor guest room, with the guest card set after the lock setting, open a door with the guest card guest check-out in the corresponding inserted into floor guest room door lock card, remove all the guest card in the lock set locks to initialize such as door locks in use process to replace general control card, locked in the floor, room number, lock is located in the clean area, service area, etc. , need to lock to initialize. Read and query the lock record smart card anti-theft lock mediator around several times the lock record, by offering good data card remoable these records, use data card will have the lock record management system, can display or print out the corresponding unlock records.
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