Smart door lock alarm way with related function

by:Level      2020-07-04
Smart door lock has become a preferred that occupy the home of many people, not only high safety, can very good protect home security, back to life brought a lot of convenience. Different kinds of alarm on security, smart door locks have what effect? 1. Low battery alert for intelligent fingerprint lock users, low battery, it is important to remind can remind the user to replace the battery in time, ensure users are not locked on the outside. 2. Before closing remind often bring gently closing time, but haven't found the door does not matter, for home and property safety and personal safety are not guaranteed, with this alarm prompt, if there are any door does not shut, etc. , will have alarm to remind, locked the door in a timely manner. 3. Trial and error alarm when fingerprints or fingerprints or passwords input error a certain number of times in a row, smart door locks will enter a state of lock, and send out alarm, if criminals, in the act of stealing in this case will be deterred. If it is his to lose the wrong password, smart door lock after a period of time will be lifted. 4. Pry alarm for prevention was conducted in the violent removing smart door lock, alarm will be reminded of, some will also through methods such as information sent to the user's mobile phone to remind, can timely alarm processing and catch the thieves.
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