Smart door lock application advantages analysis | |

by:Level      2020-07-03
1, security. Old simple mechanical lock principle, for skilled thief, no defensive ability. And use & other; Biometric identification technology & throughout; Smart door lock is more safe, fingerprint, such as DNA, has features that can't be copied, in addition to the master, who are unable to open the door. 2, convenience. Modern society, many people will meet out forgot to take my keys or missing keys, in the event of the above situation, need to spend money please unlock the teacher to change the locks, more expensive and time consuming. The intelligent way to lock the door is only need your fingerprints, not fear forgot to take my key in the door. 3 and intelligent. House needs to decorate or replace nannies, or to the relatives of the permanent, this time is annoying need replacing or lock with key. While using smart door locks, only need to set the input as members of the new members or delete some, very simple and safe. Smart door lock as the door lock security of a new generation of products, by the media and the user's attention and sought after. And for the ordinary households towards intelligent community and intelligent family, smart door lock will be open Chinese popular smart step of life.
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